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May 26th, 2004

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12:21 pm - Added bonus for any of you swinging by here.
Because it's easy enough to do with the BESM Character Generator program that I have, here's the BESM stats for the Innkeeper in this short story, Randai Morar.

Genre: Medieval Fantasy
Race: Human
Occupation: Former Soldier, Now Innkeeper
Age: 47
Gender: Male
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 220

Description and Character Notes:
Randai Morar was born to a moderately successful farmer and his wife near the City of Grain. As their only child, Randai was educated more than typical farmers children, eventually leaving home to join the King's army at the age of twenty. He served there for 15 years, eventually raising in rank from raw recruit to company sargeant. Though not the most skilled soldier in the army, he had a way of inspiring people around him with his gruff, but quietly intelligent personality. He fought in numerous skirmishes and several larger battles, retiring as a highly decorated veteran. With his retirement pay from the army, he bought a small inn east of the City of Sail and refurbished it, turning it into one of the most popular in the region. Marrying one of the local women and having 3 kids, Randai is a valued and respected member of the community.

Randai is somewhat overweight and he's lost most of his hair, but he's still extremely healthy and retains some of the martial skills that he learned in the army. Not an exceptionally good looking man, he now has a warming smile and an easy going manner that would surprise the men he served with. Part of it is calculated, part of his Innkeeper image, but in the years following his retirement he has genuinely relaxed and mellowed out. His retirement pay plus the profits from his inn has made Randai a fairly wealthy man and he's made sure that his children are well educated and never lack for anything. He cares deeply about his normally peaceful adopted hometown and recent events have made him more worried than he lets on.

Body: 4
Mind: 4
Soul: 4
Health Points: 70
Energy Points: 40
Shock Value: 14
Combat Value: 5
Defense Value: 3


Melee Attack 1x5 = 5
Melee Defense 1x5 = 5
Unarmed Attack 1x4 = 4
Unarmed Defense 1x4 = 4
Writing 1x1 = 1
Cooking 4x1 = 4
Cultural Arts 1x2 = 2
Gaming 2x2 = 4
Law 1x2 = 2
Animal Training 1x2 = 2
Business Management 3x2 = 6
Riding 1x3 = 3
Military Sciences 1x3 = 3
Archery 1x5 = 5
Aura of Command 3x1 = 3
Damn Healthy! 3x1 = 3
Personal Gear 2x1 = 2 (2 major items)
Major Items (2 major items)
Minor Items (8 minor items)
Highly Skilled 3x1 = 3
Combat Mastery 1x2 = 2
Not So Fast 1x-1 = -1
Significant Other 1x-1 = -1
Wealth 2x3 = 6
Kensei 1x1 = 1
Judge Opponent

Randai would actually make a decent starting character, depending on the nature of the BESM being played. He's got a little in the way of combat skills and attributes, but his real assets are his range of skills and varied attributes. He can probably hold his own in a fight, but he's not going to be the best in the world at such a thing. Randai could also be treated as a rough and ready merchant used to defending his caravan/wagon from bandits, a background that might be more suited to a PC.

I'll probably do both Olan and Rumm a bit later. I kind of like this idea of having stats and backgrounds for each of the important or semi-important characters in a story. Thankfully, there won't be a hell of a lot of them to do, at least in this story.
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