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May 26th, 2004

12:21 pm - Added bonus for any of you swinging by here.
Because it's easy enough to do with the BESM Character Generator program that I have, here's the BESM stats for the Innkeeper in this short story, Randai Morar.

Randai MorarCollapse )

Randai would actually make a decent starting character, depending on the nature of the BESM being played. He's got a little in the way of combat skills and attributes, but his real assets are his range of skills and varied attributes. He can probably hold his own in a fight, but he's not going to be the best in the world at such a thing. Randai could also be treated as a rough and ready merchant used to defending his caravan/wagon from bandits, a background that might be more suited to a PC.

I'll probably do both Olan and Rumm a bit later. I kind of like this idea of having stats and backgrounds for each of the important or semi-important characters in a story. Thankfully, there won't be a hell of a lot of them to do, at least in this story.
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11:48 am - I'm not cutting this because I'm the only person in this community.
Olan smiled slightly, a thoroughly angry and evil look. "I don't think you understand the situation that you're in, stranger. Tell us what you're here for, or the boys and I will just have to beat it out of you."

The man moved like lightning, his left hand drawing the sword over his shoulder in a movement so quick that Randai couldn't even follow it. The blade now squarely rested against Olan's throat, a look of stunned amazement taking over his face as he realised the situation that ~he~ was now in. Randai was amazed at the way that the firelight made the weapon gleam like fresh blood, until he realised that the blade itself was a bright red. Before Randi could process this information however, the man spoke again, looking up from his beer and meal and piercing the increasingly scared crowd with cold eyes. "Make any move
against me and you will die, friends. If I see or hear drawn steel, you will also die. Do you understand me?"

Rumm snorted derisively. "You're bluffing. There's one of you and ten of us. There's no way you could win."

The man shifted his gaze to Rumm and Rumm squirmed under the intensity of the look. "I guarantee that you would not live to see whether I am right or not. This is your final chance."

There were several moments of uncomfortable silence, Olan still with a sword at his throat as the men looked to each other questioningly. Finally, Olan stepped back and the collective courage of the group was broken. Muttering and casting glances over their shoulder at the stranger, most of them slunk back to their tables. The man merely sheathed his sword slowly and went back to his meal, the hiss of steel on leather clearly audible through the common room.

Randai shook his head, embarassed at the way he had just frozen up, and walked to the table where Olan and Rumm were again sitting. "I think it might be best for you two to head on home. You've had enough to drink for one night."

Rumm snorted bitterly. "Go home to what, Randai? A home where my son's blood still stains the floor? My wife and daughter left for the City of Sail days ago, telling me to send word for them when it's safe. But it's still not safe and might never be safe again. We don't know anything about what's going on around here."

Olan finished his beer and nodded his agreement. "Twenty people have been killed Randai. You know that. If we don't find and stop whatever's doing this we might all die. Or be driven off. We've lost too much already to let anything pass now."

"I can't just let you threaten any traveller passing by either, Olan. It'll put me out of business and get you hung by the Count's men." Randai looked at the two men steadily, but they refused to meet his gaze. "I want the both of you to head on home. You're better men than this and hopefully in the morning you'll realise that."

"Aye, maybe you're right Randai. But..." Rumm paused and his eyes flickered to the stranger still silently finishing his meal. "...Keep an eye on him. He's got a bad feel to him."

Randai nodded. "I'll do what I can. Good eve, friends." Randai waited until the two of them had left before returning behind the bar to think about what had happened. He had a nagging feeling that there was something important about the stranger's blades, shining crimson in the dim light of the fireplace. It only came to him as he gathered up dirty dishes for washing in the morning and before his doubts could sway him, he set the dishes down and walked casually over to the stranger. The man looked up at him, a faint note of irritation in his face. "What is it that you want?"

"You're a...Hunter, aren't you?" Randai had wanted to come across more confident, but the strangers dark eyes unsettled him more than he wanted to admit.

One eyebrow raised in surprise, but the stranger nodded. "You're an observant one, Innkeeper. How did you know?"

"Your swords." Rondai gestured to the blades, still in their sheathes."I saw similar weapons when I was in the King's army in my youth and I've never heard of anybody but a Hunter to have such things."

The stranger nodded slightly. "What more did you have to say, Innkeeper? If you know what I am, then you can guess why I'm here."

Randai shook his head. "Not here. Not now. After your show earlier tonight, I'm taking a risk just by speaking to you. After everybody has left, I'll see if I can point you in the right direction. For all our sakes."

The stranger nodded and returned to his beer as Randai turned to leave under the questioning stares from the few villagers still in the room. The evening flowed and slowly the villagers started to file out, their work starting early the next morning. Finally, when the last customer was gone, he walked over to the stranger's table and sat across from him.

The stranger wasted no time getting right to the point. "So what information do you have for me, Innkeeper? I have little information on what is going on here and fewer leads on where to start."

"I don't know any more than anybody else in the village." Randai hesitated when he saw anger flash briefly across the stranger's face. "But I do know someone who might be able to help. In the forest northwest of town is a man, a hermit named Warec. He doesn't come down to town very much, but a bear can't take a shit in the woods and surrounding area without him knowing about it. If anybody can point you in the right direction, he can."

"And how will I find this hermit?" The stranger asked, draining the last of his mug.

"North of town there's a stream that crosses the road. Follow the stream north by west until you reach a small waterfall and pool. It's about seven or eight miles from the road. He'll find you there if you wait long enough, if only to tell you to get the hell out of his woods." Randai smiled slightly.

"And you think he will know something?" The stranger seemed somewhat skeptical.

Randai shrugged slightly. "I'm not sure. But if anybody around here has a hint of what is going on, he will. Do you think that Veil Creatures are doing it?"

Now it was the stranger's turn to shrug. "I don't know. But whatever it is, I will find it and put a stop to it."

The utter confidence in the stranger's voice amazed Randai. Randai had seen the aftermath of two of the murders and he had his doubts that any one person could put an end to whatever had torn those people apart. "I hope you're right, Hunter. I hope you're right."

Randai stood to continue the last minute cleaning of the common room to prepare for the next day. When he looked up from the table he was wiping down, the stranger was gone. Randai assumed that it was to the room he'd rented and muttered to himself. "I'm not sure whether to pity that man or to pity whatever poor bastard ends up on the wrong side of his blades."
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May 10th, 2004

12:59 pm - Forgot to cross-post this. Oh well.
Kael short story #1

Randai Morar saw the signs of brewing trouble almost right away. His was the only inn in the village of Voratim and come nightfall, all the locals found their way there for a pint and a smoke. But since the incidents started, tempers had frayed and innocent jests had turned into malicious verbal barbs. And for the first time in the 20 years that Randai had owned the inn, there had been fights, utterly viscious brawls the likes he hadn't seen since he had left the King's Army. But as bad as they had been, nobody had been killed. Not when the people they were fighting were their friends, neighbors, and acquaintences.

But tonight was different.

In the far corner of the inn, near the fire, was an unfamiliar face. He had come in shortly before sunset, when the regulars would start making their way in from their farms and shops. He had asked for a room and a meal in a voice that had had been deep, but quiet. After paying for these things, the man had walked to the dark table and said no more through the evening, resisting every attempt at small talk from Randai, his wife, or his sons who all worked at the inn. The man was tall and even as he sat at his table he was swathed in a heavy brown cloak, a short sword of some sort jutting out from each shoulder. Randai had almost asked for the man to disarm himself while in the common room, but the look in the man's eyes had frozen the request in Randai's throat.

But now Randai wished that he'd asked anyway. The common room was getting as loud and rowdy as it had been, but now all the regulars had a new place to focus their anger and frustration. If they couldn't let loose all the way on each other without consequence, maybe they could and would on this stranger. Instead of broken noses and bruises, Randai would have blood and bodies to deal with. Probably many of them, if he judged the stranger correctly.

And now Randai's fears were starting to look more and more like they were going to come true. He heard voices being raised from the far side of the common room in anger and he recognised who they belonged to. Olan Gakat and Rumm Eral, two men who had been particularly hard hit by the recent troubles. Olan had come home one evening to find his wife and two daughters torn to shreds by something unknown, while Rumm had lost his son and nearly three dozen head of cattle in the same way. They weren't alone in their loss. Someone or something had gruesomely killed more than a dozen people and even more animals in the last six weeks with no end in sight. And it sounded more and more like Olan and Rumm had found all the scapegoat that they needed.

Randai heard, more than saw, the two of them stand up and walk across the room to the stranger's corner. Others joined them, gaining courage through alcohol and numbers, some loosening the daggers at their belt. Randai called his sons from the kitchen even as he hurridly stepped out from behind the counter, but he was already too late.

"Me friends and I are a bit curious, stranger." Olan hooked his thumbs into his belt, his right hand conspiciously near to the long skinning knife on his waist. "We don't get much in the way of visitors out here, so we want to know what you're doing in Voratim."

The man's voice was quiet, almost drowned by the muttering and background noise, but still somehow managed to grab the attention of everybody and hold on. He answered without even looking up from the frosted mug of beer he was drinking. "My business here is my own. I do not need to discuss this with the likes of you."
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January 10th, 2004

02:06 am - Mod post
Well, I made this community in the probably mistaken idea that my story will ever generate enough fans or interest to warrant a community to discuss it in. I'll be posting the story here as well as back in my writing LJ ookaminotsuki and anything directly Kael related will go here as well. For those of you who somehow stumble upon this place, welcome and I hope you like what you read.
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